Hurricanes having too much hype?

Drake Rowland, Staff Writer

Every year storms seem to be headed our way. Hurricane Irene seemed to be no exception. Lucky for Floridians, it took a turn for the north, leaving thousands of unlucky people without power and street flooding.

            As the storm headed north, the rain followed. On Sunday, August 28, approximately thirteen inches of rain fell on the east coast. Some states experienced as much as ten inches. New York City received eight inches, which is the most since the Weather Service began keeping track in 1895. With all the rain many businesses couldn’t be up and running, and the subways were not operating. Monday, the subways were back in full swing and the Stock Market was back up and running. Flooding occurred in New Jersey and Vermont through Tuesday as it moved up on into Canada. “It’s just devastating- We are tough people here in Vermont, but Irene really…hit us hard,” said Governor Peter Schumlin on 

            Along with flooding many households lost their power. During Irene 7.4 million customers lost their power. The most outages where in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Virginia. Hundreds of thousands of customers are still without power as of Monday.

            Even after seeing all the flooding, damages, and canceled flights some people are saying that people gave the hurricane too much hype. They said that they took too many precautions and it was unnecessary, but those people were preparing for the worst which in the case of a hurricane it is the best thing to do. If you ask the people in Connecticut or New Jersey, they will beg to differ with you. With at least 42 deaths caused by Irene and some states needing millions of dollars to help repair multiple damage done to their states, Irene’s victims also would say that there wasn’t too much hype. In all, Irene’s damage is estimated to cost around one billion dollars. It has also been rumored that they could retire Irene’s name as a hurricane name.

            When hurricanes happen you can never have too much preparedness and all the hype was needed. With the 42 deaths, flooding, canceled planes, money needed for repairs, and all the power outages, Irene was serious. Many people believe that just because their state was not damaged, that it wasn’t a bad storm. Any hurricane is not good and people should take go the extra mile to make sure their families and they are safe.