Coca Cola’s white cans cause confusion

Parker Fox, Sports Editor

Every year, Coca-Cola releases a limited edition packaging to celebrate the holidays.  Normally offering just the classic can with Santa Claus or Christmas lights on it, Coca-Cola tried something new this holiday season.  This year’s cans are white and are dedicated to saving polar bears that could be endangered by global warming.  In honor of their new packaging, Coca-Cola reached deep into their pockets and donated $3 million to a polar bear conservation organization.

            Just days after the new cans were released, Coca-Cola received numerous complaints.  Customers had thought they were buying diet Coke due to the similar color of the cans to light silver diet Coke cans.  After drinking what they thought to be an improved version of diet Coke, they realized they had just consumed 39 grams of sugar (some of whom were diabetic).  Some angry consumers ever went so far as to return open cans to stores and demand them to be replaced with diet Coke.  Finally, Coca-Cola discontinued their special cans and they will be eradicated from shelves by mid-December. 

            “I had actually bought a 12-pack of what I thought was diet Coke,” says senior Raquel Moya. “When I realized it was regular, I just drank it anyway.  But it was definitively confusing.  I don’t know why they wouldn’t make it a different color or make it more obvious that it was the regular stuff.”

            A majority of consumers actually enjoyed the can according to Scott Williamson, a Coca-Cola spokesman.  “The can has been well received and generated a lot of interest and excitement.”

            Nevertheless, white Coke cans will be no more in just a few weeks.  Boxes of the white cans can already be found on eBay selling from $29 to $300.  It is undetermined whether Coca-Cola’s new cans will still have a supportive message for polar bears battling global warming.