East Lake takes caution

Parker Fox, Editor-in-Chief

The catastrophic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School Friday, December 14 in Newtown, Connecticut sent a shockwave across the country.  Naturally, schools should attempt to make steps to prevent this type of massacre in the future.  Some have even suggested that school principals and/or teachers be armed.  While that may be a little extreme, improvements in basic school security only make sense.

            When Mr. Poth appeared on “Eagle Eye News” on Tuesday morning he related how gates would now be closed all day and discussed in general terms the consequences of the tragedy in Newtown.  Students who arrive late to campus at any point in the day will now be required to enter through the front office.  This presents more of an issue today than it may have for students just a few years back, considering the significant number of kids who take online classes or participate in the dual enrollment program at SPC.  By no fault of their own, many students simply arrive or leave at different times than normal.  Many students object to the changes because of the inconvenience and what they believe to be useless changes.

            “If someone wants to come into our school with a gun, I don’t think that fence is going to stop him.  It’s pointless to close the gates and it only will make kids even tardier to class,” said sophomore Sean Caulfield.  “I understand why they did it but I don’t think it will do anything.”

            Perhaps Sean is right.  That metal fence that even the smallest of students could hop protects us from a determined psychopath.  But so soon after the sickening tragedy in Connecticut school officials must have felt obligated to change something.

            In addition to the students inconvenienced as a result of school-sanctioned programs, others voiced their frustrations for a different reason- increased difficulty in escaping school.  In spite of numerous school rules against it, many students leave school early or leave and then come back.  If these new rules are kept in place for the rest of the year, that will be all but impossible.

            Odds are we will never see the benefits of having a totally closed campus.  But just because of the smallest chance that these new rules could prevent a tragedy, they are warranted.