New iPhone 7 brings great changes over previous models

While it brings some much-needed improvements, the iPhone 7 has some polarizing features.


Leaks of the new iPhone model have shown a removed headphone jack with only a charger port.

Evan Rocha, Staff Writer

A new model of iPhone has been announced by Apple, with some big changes over the 6 and 6S. The iPhone 7 will remain the same size (no more upscaling the screen size like between the 5 and 6), but will still be available for sale in both a 4.7 and 5.5 inch model. The phone has various technological upgrades as well as physical, such as an increased battery life, a better processor (letting the phone run faster for longer), and, perhaps most interestingly, the removal of the headphone jack. No longer will the new iPhone have those typical earbud/headphone jacks with a 3.5mm plug to listen to music. Whatever it’s being replaced with is currently unknown, but some hypotheses lead to a possible USB port or special earbuds using Apple’s current Lightning charger adapter. USB headsets are somewhat uncommon compared to other input methods, and USB earbuds are all but nonexistent. Doubling the same plug for chargers and earbuds is also a strange choice. What Apple plans with this surprising decision is to be seen.

There were some other, more user-friendly improvements, such as a more pressure-sensitive home button to stop accidental presses. The button uses “haptic feedback”; basically it’s not quite a button but a pad that detects a fingerprint and responds accordingly, similar to the back and tab buttons on the Samsung Galaxy phone line. Other expected features include more water resistance, a tougher screen (thanks to the new Gorilla Glass 5), and an improved camera. The 16GB model is rumored to be dropped in the iPhone 7, and replaced with a 256GB option. Not too many hard numbers are known yet, as Apple is being pretty quiet, but as the phone is rumored to be announced officially in early-mid November.

The premium iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus, is thought to include 3GB of RAM to the regular iPhone 7’s 2GB (this will help improve performance during times of high stress on the phone). The special version will potentially include a special dual-camera system to improve performance in low light, and possibly Optical Stabilization, which will reduce blurriness in images by letting the camera sit basically on a gyroscope. This idea in particular seems pretty ingenious, as it will lower the margin of error on behalf of the phone owner.

No official info is given on colors, but dark blue seems to be a popular color for the leaked images. This marks a turn from the garish golden iPhone 6s, as the darker color of this phone is closer to black than an eye-popping blue. The phone will of course be thinner, as is Apple’s style, but about 1mm.

Overall, the new phone brings many new changes over the iPhone 6, while keeping the general aesthetic and design of the 6/6s. The iPhone 6 was one of Apple’s most popular products, and certainly their bestselling phone. Building upon that popular design with some key improvements in the phone’s infrastructure is surely going to lead to a highly anticipated phone.