North Korea threatens nuclear war, again

And this time it’s personal!

It is difficult to know how real the threats are.

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It is difficult to know how real the threats are.

Sandy Hutchins, Staff Writer

Ever since Kim Jong-un came to power in 2011, the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) and the U.N. have been at odds with each other. The major reason behind this shaky relationship is North Korea’s continued testing of nuclear weapons and the development of missile technology even with international disapproval. Even after agreeing in 2012 to stop nuclear testing, later the same year they broke the treaty by having a failed rocket launch of a satellite, which is believed to be a cover up for missile testing.

So what’s up now? Well, now the U.N.-strongly backed by the USA – has levied heavy sanctions on a list of individuals. And guess which dictator had recently been put on that list? North Korea’s very own Kim Jong-Un. Recently a diplomat from North Korea named Han Song Ryol, director-general in foreign affairs, has stated that the U.S. has “crossed the red line” and that we have basically declared war. North Korea is also not exactly pleased with the war games the U.S. and South Korea have planned for the month of August, and they have threatened a vicious showdown if we show any type of offensive maneuver in these planned war games. After these declarations North Korea cut off communications with the U.S. and the United Nations and has made it clear that from there on out all communication was to be dealt with as if under war law.

Who is this angry little man that is the leader of one of the most oppressive regimes in the modern day? Surprisingly, very little is known about Kim Jong-Un. Even his date of birth is an unknown. Here is what we do know; we know that he is the youngest son of the former leader Kim Jong-Il and that Kim Jong-Un took power in 2011 after his father had passed away. His mother was an opera singer who died in 2004. Kim may have also been educated in Switzerland. Ever since he has come to power there has been nothing but hostile relations between North Korea and the U.S.A.

History aside, how serious is the threat of nuclear war? Should you invest in an underground bunker? As of now all we know about the future is what we have learned from the past. This threat of war is one of many from this dictatorship. And as you can see there has been no real development. But another comforting fact is that even in face of this threat the U.S. and South Korea has gone ahead with their war games. So obviously our military doesn’t give too much weight to these threats. Another and probably the most blaring sign that they are not as serious as they seem is the simple fact that North Korea’s nuclear weapons cannot reach the U.S. However, just in case, the U.S. and South Korea have both announced that they have no plans to invade North Korea.

On the lighter side of all of this the internet has had no problem making a joke out of the whole situation. Let’s just say they do not take these recent events very seriously as they have made both North Korea and Kim Jong-Un the butt of all their jokes. Serious or not, though, the threat of nuclear war is always a big deal for everyone involved.