Why so serious?

Clowns popping up all over America


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Reports of terrifying clowns have surfaced in over half the states in the nation.

Sandy Hutchins, Staff Writer

Recently, there has been news of clown sightings all over America. Not only is this creepy, but they pose a real danger as there have been multiple arrests already made and they have been causing a real disturbance. These clown sightings have been reported in over two dozen states across America. Why all of a sudden has this phenomenon started when just a couple weeks ago no one ever heard of these murderous clowns? Where did it start?

In South Carolina, children began to report to their parents that a group of clowns were trying to lure them into the woods. This goes past just kids being kids because there were also adults who had reported seeing these sinister bringers of fun near their apartment complex. And once social media had taken a hold of these stories, the whole thing blew up. This isn’t the first time that these clown sightings have gone viral; an incident occurred back in 2014 with marketing for a movie named 31 whose trailer shows a group of sadistic clowns, however, some people took it too far and began to dress as evil clowns and terrorized innocent people.

This time around, there is no movie, and they are not just pranksters. These sighting have had real and serious implications lately, both local and widespread. Recently, a 12-year-old boy threatened to kill his fellow students at Seven Springs Middle School posing as a clown, and he was charged with a felony as an adult. Our administration has found it appropriate to ban the dressing up of clowns as they have recently become “symbols of terror” in America. Many other school districts in other states have enacted similar policies until this blows over.

Whether this is a sick joke or a real and dangerous issue has yet to be determined, but one thing is for sure: that it has caused quite a reaction among Americans. This is past getting into the spirit of Halloween; it is a joke taken too far. What doesn’t put you in the holiday mood more than creepy clowns?