The world of YouTube

How has the YouTube industry grown in popularity over the past couple of years?

Every minute, 300 hours’ worth of videos is uploaded to YouTube!

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Every minute, 300 hours’ worth of videos is uploaded to YouTube!

Cristina Himelhoch, Staff Writer

I was recently listening to the radio on my drive home from school and I heard the radio hosts discussing the research on the amount of television the average American watches. They were comparing this to the amount time people spend watching YouTube videos. The comparison was actually surprisingly similar. Most people nowadays are spending around the same time watching television as they do watching YouTube videos. In fact, more YouTube content is uploaded in 60 days than the three United States television networks were able to create in 60 years. On average, people spend 40 minutes watching YouTube videos every time they go online. YouTube was created in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karmin who were employees of PayPal. It is a fast growing and increasingly popular method of entertainment.

The rise of the YouTube industry has been extremely high and fast in the past couple of years. People have now made careers out of creating YouTube videos for the general public to watch. There is a vast and wide variety of subjects that are featured in the world of YouTube. Topics ranging from “How –To” videos to makeup tutorials, have assisted in the growth in popularity of YouTube. YouTube has truly become a sort of virtual community where people come together to share ideas and help others. YouTube also benefits the educational world. Students struggling in difficult classes turn to YouTube were they can enhance their understanding of topics by watching videos pertaining to their courses. Senior Briana Dentry uses YouTube videos to help her with school work because “it can back up what the teacher says or go more in depth”. Just like movie stars, several celebrities have been born through creating videos on YouTube. Some of the many inspirational celebrities include Kathleen Lights, Liza Koshy, Nikkie Tutorials, Alex Aiono, Jaclyn Hill, and Conor Maynard. The amazing thing about all of these celebrities of YouTube is that they all specialize in different things such as makeup, comedy, and music. The YouTube world provides endless opportunities for every different type of person out there. I think it gets its popularity because of the variety and original content it encompasses.