Mexico City earthquake


Nik Holdsworth, Staff Writer

A magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocked central Mexico on September 19. At least 150 people were killed due to this gargantuan earthquake. As buildings collapsed into dust, thousands flooded the streets with panic, while many others stayed to rummage through the rubble and try to rescue anyone they could find.

This huge 7.1 earthquake came less than two weeks after a size 8.1 earthquake left 90 people dead in the countries south. Horribly this smaller 7.1 earthquake occurred as Mexicans commemorated the anniversary of a 1985 earthquake that killed thousands.

The earthquake struck close to the town of Atencingo in the central state of Puebla, which is 76 miles southeast of Mexico City. Leaving around 3.8 million citizens without power.

President Enrique Peña Nieto said 22 bodies were found in the debris of an elementary school in Mexico City that collapsed due to the earthquake. At least 30 children were still missing Tuesday night, he said.

There is a silver lining to this story. There is a very moving video of a man being rescued from the rubble of a collapsed building. It takes about 8 men to pull him out and start bringing him down from the building as nurses start running toward the man eager to help.

The video is very short but from the looks of it the man is very injured being wound tightly to the stretcher and breathing into a mask. Hopefully he is not the only survivor under the rubble since thousands of buildings in Mexico City have been toppled due to the 7.1 earthquake.

Even though cities were destroyed and families were torn apart just seeing this video of strangers eagerly wanting to help the less fortunate in the anarchy of the situation shows that the citizens of Mexico city and anyone who was affected will  eventually be okay.