Controversial Supreme Court Nomination


Sara Mount, Staff Writer

Just last week Judge Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed into the Supreme Court. This was a very controversial Supreme Court pick after sexual assault allegations came up after President Trump announced the nomination. This was a historic narrow confirmation. The final vote was 51 to 49, one of the closest votes ever with an extremely divided Senate.

After the sexual assault allegations there was tons of backlash from the American people about the nomination.  Since the nomination announced on July 9th by President Trump there has been a whole timeline of events that have happened. Once nominated, Kavanaugh went to Capitol Hill and started talking to lawmakers.  On September 4th his confirmation hearing started. Protesters interrupted the hearing because there was so much backlash from the American people over this pick. The backlash comes from Brett Kavanaugh’s support of making abortion illegal and his stance on health care. He is especially unpopular with supporters of the Democratic party. Kavanaugh has very conservative views on political issues. With such a tight vote from the Senate it was a 50/50 chance of him being confirmed. There was some doubt on whether some of the Republican senators would vote him in considering their views lean more towards the middle and less harsh conservative views.

After the first three days of hearings there were three people who testified before the court about Kavanaugh. Then a week later, sexual assault allegations came out in the Washington Post. The allegations accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault at a party in high school. Christine Ford then testified to the committee about her allegations. More woman then come out and said that Kavanaugh also sexually assaulted them, some from his college days at Yale. Kavanaugh continues to say he is innocent and that the allegations are not true. After Ford was questioned, Kavanaugh was questioned again by the same committee, this time about the allegations.  The FBI then investigated the allegations and presented their findings to the committee before their decision. On October 5th, 2018 Kavanaugh won the vote and was officially sworn into the Supreme Court on October 6th. After a long process and a very divided country, Kavanaugh was given a chair in the Supreme Court.