North Carolina high school shooting

The shooter and victim were said to have been involved in a bullying incident.

The shooter and victim were said to have been involved in a bullying incident.

Tyler Burleson, Staff Writer

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One student was murdered Monday, October 29 in a North Carolina high school after a student brought a gun on campus. This event arose from a bullying incident at Butler High School. There was only one kid shot and it seemed to be an issue between the two students, not an attempted school shooting.

This arose from a bullying issue that has been going on for a little while, authorities say. The confrontation peaked Monday morning before first period when a fight occurred. During the fight, one of the students pulled out a gun at 7:14am and shot the other student, who died later at the Carolina’s Medical Center in Charlotte. This sent students fleeing and the school was put into immediate lockdown until the situation was controlled. The altercation resulted from a buildup of harassment and many students knew an altercation was expected this morning but not that a gun would be involved. While the school and authorities will not admit who was the bully and who was bullied, the students involved were Jatwan Craig Cuffie and Bobby McKeithen. Both students were 16, but Jatwan was a ninth grader and Bobby was a sophomore. The fight started out as a physical altercation until Jatwan shot Bobby. Authorities will not release the type of gun used or how many times the victim was shot. After the shooting Bobby was quickly transported to the hospital. Dozens of kids witnessed this scarring event as it occurred Monday morning. Superintendent Clayton Wilcox (who was superintendent of Pinellas County Schools from 2004-8) says they are “incredibly saddened by the fact that we had a loss of life on one of our campuses today.” This event occurred despite Wilcox’s 1.5-billion-dollar budget increase that was approved in June. This budget included many security increases such as cops. This event may bring into light that increased security measures won’t do that much. When a student is committed and willing to do an act of violence, small safety measures mainly meant to make people feel safe don’t do much in preventing it.

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