2018 Mid-term Elections in Florida

Sara Mount, Staff Writer

The 2018 mid-term elections have been one of the biggest in a few years, especially in Florida, which had one of the biggest ballots. There were 27 House seats, a Senate seat, and a new governor. It was such an important election because Republicans had the possibility to lose most of the power across the US in the House and the Senate. In Florida, voters voted for a senator, governor, three cabinet members, several Congress members, and they also voted on 13 amendments. The gubernatorial race was between Ron DeSantis for the Republican party and Andrew Gillum for the Democratic party. By the end of the evening, polls were showing Gillum to be up by a few percent. With such a close vote anything can still happen in the real election, as was seen in the 2018 presidential election. DeSantis’ campaign focused on issues like gun control, as he thinks that schools need more guns and officers rather than more strict regulation on guns. Gillum has campaigned on very different ideas; he has publicly expressed his dislike of the NRA and believes there needs to be stricter gun control.

Running for senate was Rick Scott for the Republican party and Bill Nelson running for the Democratic party. Bill Nelson was running as an incumbent. Rick Scott was campaigning for senator after being the governor of Florida for the last two terms. The final vote was incredibly close, 50.2% for Rick Scott and Bill Nelson with 49.8% of the votes. The gubernatorial results were Ron DeSantis with 49.7% of the vote and Andrew Gillum with 49.1%. Both races were so close that recounts have been mandated, even though Gillum did make his concession speech. Florida was a very important state for Republicans to keep power in the Senate. The Republicans kept power in the Senate but not in the House. The Democrats managed to flip the House.

The change in power will have an impact on Trump’s agenda now that Democrats have majority in the House. This will make it much harder for Trump to pass legislation. It will be very interesting to see what happens in the future and how the Democratic party in the house use the change of power. They may open investigations on Trump’s administration and on Trump. They may also work to create infrastructure that both parties agree on.