Florida Winters


Photo by: https://www.wtsp.com/article/weather/snow-in-florida-panhandle-gets-overnight-dusting/67-498255049

Jasmine Kellogg, Staff Writer

Florida is one of the few states where it does not ever snow. We have beautiful beaches where one can make sand angels and sand men but there is no cold, white, fluffy snow. To see how East Lake students feel about Florida winters, I discussed the no-snow sixty degree weather we have with students.


A lot of students said they like the Florida heat. They are thankful that Florida has no snow and the winters don’t get too chilly. Senior Sara Mount says that she “probably won’t move out of Florida,” as she likes the warmth. If she did move, she wouldn’t be moving to get more of a winter, it would be for other reasons. Other students agree, saying that winter in Florida is perfect as we don’t have to deal with scraping ice off our car windows or shoveling snow out the driveway. Junior Brock Maloy says he thinks “snow can be inconvenient,” so he’s glad Florida doesn’t have snow.


A lot of students have been born and raised in Florida, so they have never experienced snow before. Only spending time in the warm beach environment of the Sunshine State has caused them to not have adapted to chillier weather. In northern parts of Florida it has snowed before. Up in the panhandle in Tallahassee it snowed on January 3rd of this year. They had about .1 inches of snow but that’s still more then Florida has gotten in quite a few decades! The last time snow hit Tallahassee at this level was in 1989. The rain falling that day stayed in a frozen form as the temperature was low enough to not melt it before it reached the ground. Apart from the few minor snow experiences in the Panhandle, Florida is a snowless state. Most out-of-staters even believe we are a winterless state. Floridians, however, enjoy the warmth and are for the most part happy it does not get too cold.