Caravan journey to the US

A clash of two forces seen everywhere


November 25th, tear gas opened on traveling immigrants as they attempted to make their entry into the US.

Kinou Louis-Charles, Ad Manager

When a group of traveling immigrants meets the American military at the US-Mexican border, events take a scary turn. The caravan, a group of immigrants that have been traveling by foot since March 25th of this year from Central America, encountered the US military forces Sunday, November 25th as they made their attempt to illegally cross the US border. Violence broke out between the two forces and in efforts of trying to disperse the Caravan, military forces used tear gas on the immigrants and their families. This interaction quickly gained media coverage and citizens have had diverse reactions to the now well-known tear gas incident.


The caravan is a large group of immigrants from Central American countries who have set out to the US by foot. Many members of the caravan are hoping to find jobs and safety in the US, and a better life for their kids as well. There are about 14,000 people participating in this journey to the US; the majority of them are from Honduras, where the journey started.


President Trump strictly opposed the caravan crossing the border. Prior to the Sunday tear gas incident at the Southern border he had asked Mexico to “stop this onslaught” and declared that if they did make their way to the US he will try to stop the group from actually crossing with military forces. President Trump’s viewed the group to be filled with criminals who were on their way to invade the country.


On November 25th the caravan made their attempt to cross the US-Mexico border. As promised by Donald Trump there were US Border Patrol agents to block any entry to the United States by the Caravan members. Objects like rocks were thrown at the Border Patrol agents as tensions began to escalate and Border Patrol’s safety began to feel threaten. To disband the immigrants the authorities resorted to launching tear gas into the crowds of men, women, and children. After this incident took place the border crossing in San Diego was closed for hours. The immigrants who were caught and Identified will be deported to their home countries.


Brandon Judd, president of the national Border Patrol Council, defended the of tear gas of immigrants and their families against the backlash that was quickly received. He explained it was the “appropriate level of action.”


After the altercation the media exploded with pictures and videos of what happened at the southern border. The country was filled with mixed feelings as to how they felt about the caravan and the actions that were carried out to stop them. With this event it definitely reopened the conversation of how closed the American borders should be and illegal immigration. Though the real question is will these conversations remain conversations or will action take part in these discussions.