Pregnant Murder

“The victim of a horrible crime”
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“The victim of a horrible crime” Photo by:

Jasmine Kellogg, Staff Writer

This past week in Mishawaka, Indiana a sixteen-year-old high school student was strangled and stabbed to death by her boyfriend. After she recently got pregnant and informed her boyfriend that it was too late to have an abortion, he said he had to “take action into his own hands.”


Late Saturday night, cheerleader Breana Rouhselang was out supposedly talking to her football-player boyfriend Aaron Trejo. Her mother started getting concerned when she wasn’t home by 1 A.M. and went to find out where she went. Trejo claimed he never met up with her and that they never talked as they had planned. Her mother reported her missing the next morning and the police ended up finding her body in a bag in a dumpster behind a restaurant. It appeared that she had been strangled to death with her own scarf and had several stab wounds to the heart. To cover himself up, he threw her phone and the knife he used to kill her in the water of a river close by. Trejo defends himself saying that neither of them wanted the baby and it was too late to have an abortion, so he felt he had to fix the situation himself. Now he is being tried as an adult and will face life in prison or worse, the death penalty.


What is so astonishing about this tragedy is that Trejo ruined his life for something that was so easily fixable. Neither of them wanted the baby and all they had to do was put it up for adoption and move on with their lives. Now, not only will neither of them have another shot at life, but the baby never gets a chance either. This tragedy is extremely upsetting and disturbing. The school system says they are implementing more mental help as clearly this is an issue in this situation and most students do not know how to cope with big problems, using incorrect coping methods as a solution.