Amazon opening new headquarters

The choice of Long Island has caused protest.

The choice of Long Island has caused protest.

Sara Mount, Staff Writer

Amazon is under huge criticism for announcing Long Island, New York as its new headquarters. People have various opinions on whether New York is a good location for Amazon on the east coast. There are pros and cons for the city they chose for their new headquarters. They will create about 25,000 jobs in the area. With the good comes the downside. It’s likely that rent, and housing prices will spike in the area, making many current residents unable to stay. Protesters’ main concern is with the actual city of New York. Some of the cities that were considered by Amazon gave them research that they can use in the future for picking other offices. This all started in 2017 when Amazon asked for proposals from cities for their new headquarters on the east coast. New York provided building renderings, data on the kind of people they have for different jobs, and other statistics Amazon requested so they could pick the best city for them. The companies are looking at all the other short list locations and data even for the future past just their second headquarters. Their goal is for future expansion.


New York offered Amazon three billion dollars for picking Long Island. This is where the disagreement from citizens comes from. Amazon is already one of the biggest companies in the world; they do not need money from the state of New York. New York already has many problems with overcrowding and poverty. They have overcrowded schools and housing. These three billion dollars could go a long way helping the people of New York in need, rather than funding an already billion-dollar company.


The council hearing for the plan was met with 150 protestors. The city has defended themselves by saying that the company being located in New York will bring in $27.5 billion in potential tax revenue. However, Amazon is still getting a lot of backlash. Most likely protestors will not change the plans. New York has already made their decision as well as Amazon.