Notre Dame cathedral fire


It will take years to rebuild the portions destroyed by the fire.

Tyler Burleson, Staff Writer

On Monday, April 15th, the famous Notre Dame Cathedral caught on fire, lighting up the Paris skyline. The Cathedral is 800 years old and of the Gothic era. It has been a central part of Paris the entire time, surviving the French Revolutions and much more. Construction of the Notre Dame began as early as 1163 and didn’t get finished until 1345. It has stood strong all these years until now.

It was a normal Monday in Paris when the Notre Dame caught on fire. It was currently undergoing major renovations when the building caught fire. So far it is not clear the exact reason that it erupted into flames and investigators are looking into it now. While the cause is unknown, officials claim that they do not suspect arson or terrorism. The building’s fire broke out beneath the roof, destroying almost the entire roof along with many of the upper walls and the iconic spire, which had been added in 1850. The interior of the building was largely protected due to the stone vaulted ceiling. The fire lasted 15 hours in total before being put out and only three injuries were sustained during that time. Many of the works of art and treasures were evacuated and protected but not all of them. The cathedral’s two pipe organs and three 13th century rose windows were not damaged during the flames.

Currently architects and officials are rushing to cover the Notre Dame and protect it from being further damaged by rain and thunderstorms. The vault of the cathedral is already waterlogged from fighting the fire and while there is a special “umbrella” being constructed it is not yet ready for upcoming rain.

Almost immediately after the fire at the Notre Dame, France was taking donations to rebuild the cathedral. Within the first day they had already raised millions of dollars and within the first week they have raised over 1 billion dollars towards reconstruction. While this may seem absolutely, insane a spokesperson for the cathedral is claiming that this might not be enough. France officials also warn to watch out for scams while trying to donate as many people are trying to profit off of this disaster.