Vaping has more negative than positive effects

Pictured above is a Juul, a popular type of vape among teens

Pictured above is a Juul, a popular type of vape among teens

Isabella Harrop, Staff Writer

Currently vaping has been the huge hype in the teenage world, but are the consequences worth it? Although it has come out as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, studies have shown it may not be any better. There are a multitude of cases of sickness resulting from e-cigarettes. Vaping is especially dangerous to teens because their brains are still developing. Studies have shown it decreases your working memory, attention span, learning, mood and impulse control. There have been 150 cases with symptoms that include but are not limited to shortness of breath, fatigue, cough, along with some vomiting. One man only at the age of 20 has recently died due abnormal immune cells in his lungs due to vaping.


The most common type of e-cigarette used by teens is a Juul. It is said to have the same level of nicotine as a cigarette which is why it is so addicting. It is said the reason teens were so attracted to them was because of the different flavors. Studies showed 60% of teens thought that they were nicotine free when in fact 99% actually contain nicotine.  Studies have shown that nicotine is more addictive then alcohol. Juuls are small and look like a USB drive; therefore, parents and teachers weren’t aware they even had them. They are everywhere in a teen’s social life.


There are not just physical symptoms that you feel; it also messes with your brain. Studies have shown that it changes the activity of your genes. Your genes become depressed or lower than normal. If your genes are affected, then you at a higher risk of infection because genes are what help fight bacteria. It has shown that teens who begin smoking at a young age don’t perform as well those who don’t because the prefrontal cortex is not fully developed which is why teens who smoke don’t perform as well on tasks related to memory and attention compared to those who don’t smoke. This is why it good to be fully aware of what we are doing to our bodies and the consequences that come along with it.