Black hole

Jacob Damboise, Staff Writer

The first realization of a black hole was Einstein’s theory of relativity, E equals MC squared, and an interpretation by another scientist named Schwarzschild. Today I will be going into what would happen if you fell into a black hole and NASA’s latest visualization into the depths of this monster.

Basically, if you were to watch somebody fall into a black hole, you would see them fall slower and slower into a hole until they hit the horizon of that black hole and then essentially freeze. Until you become somewhat of a red blotch and then disappear. Now according to scientists at NASA, if you were falling into the said black hole, it would look as though the entire universe is shrinking into a tunnel view of reality. Thus, this generalization of the theory of relativity is now being envisioned by NASA; a black hole compels everything inside of it splitting reality, it absorbs light, sound, etc. It’s the physical representation of the fabric of reality splitting. And it’s extremely fascinating to absorb knowledge about it. Of course, this being all hypothetical, another way to look at a black hole is almost like two tunnels colliding interconnectedly that would distort the layers of reality. It’s also fun to theorize about what would happen if two black holes were to collide, when one fabric of reality absorbs another it makes you rethink your whole existence. There are about 7 billion people on the earth, a floating rock in this vast universe among galaxies and yet there’s something out there that can split the fabric of reality, upset time and space. In relativity, it is just mind-boggling.