Australia fires

The devastation that is happening to Australia

Isabella Harrop, Staff Writer

For weeks now, Australia has been battling dozens of fires. There is also a “mega fire,” which hasn’t been yet put out, that is already the size of Sydney. Sunday there were 96 bush fires in New South Wales and 47 of them haven’t been contained. Conditions have calmed down, which has allowed firefighters a chance to do the critical back-burning and containment work ahead. There are currently more then 1600 firefighters working to try to contain the fires. Queensland and New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, has declared a state of emergency.


Six people have currently died and over 1000 homes have been lost in NSW and Queensland. Thousands have been forced to evacuate. 370,000 acres are burning down to nothing but ash. The “mega fire” is said to burn for weeks, most likely until they get substantial rainfall in the end of January or beginning of February. The months-long drought has left bushland tinder dry and prone to ignition from dry lightning. Vast amounts of smoke just keep filling the air.

In Queensland a shipping container full of fireworks exploded. Residents had to leave their homes as fire was a threat and unpredictable. One home was damaged, and the conditions have eased out.


The raging wildfires have also devasted wildlife in the region. It has killed hundreds of koalas and burned through their colonies. The first one to be destroyed was in Lake Innes Nature Reserve which was home to 600 koalas. This could possibly put koalas on the endangered species list. At the Port Macquarie koala hospital, they have been treated for burns mostly on their hands and feet. Unfortunately, hundreds weren’t so lucky and have died. So far 350 have been believed to be dead but that number could be much worse as we don’t know exactly because they could be nothing left of them besides ash. The hospital created a GoFundMe to raise $25,000 to help keep the wildlife hydrated so far, they have raised $500,000.

They have a long way to go before they can stop these fires. Even after they are all clear of fires they have a long road of fixing the damage that they have caused. Hopefully they don’t cause koalas to go on the endangered list and they can populate themselves back up.