Things are Heating Up

A look into how humans have impacted the Earth and what this impact means. Humans impact the Earth by burning fossil fuels.

Kevin Madley, Staff Writer

     Global warming has always been an issue in the world, but nowadays it is scarier than ever. Global warming is defined as the long-term rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system. The cold environments are getting warmer, and the hot environments are getting even hotter.  Humans cause these changes to Earth with our pollution and the burning of fossil fuels. This leads to many issues that affect both humans and our environments. It’s time to shape up before we no longer have a planet to reside on.

Scientists have estimated that if we keep up this rate of pollution and bad habits, Earth will no longer have beaches due to the disappearing coastlines by the year 2100. We lose over three millimeters of coastlines each year. The losses of beaches would cause flooding and enhanced storms as the water levels have increased and are closer to the mainland. This is caused by evaporation. Scientists think it is inevitable that coastlines will disappear.  The polar ice caps in the Arctic regions melt from the increasing heat, increasing the volume of water and increasing the flow of water across all oceans. There really is no way to stop this. Latest reports show that even if fossil fuel pollution was reduced, we’d still lose about a third of our coastlines.  Businesses and corporations try to stop the environmental damage with their “go green” initiatives. All cars have an eco-mode now it seems, and less fossil fuels are being burned in manufacturing. While we are doing some things to stop global warming, the debate still stands if there is a way to stop it. Latest reports show that even if fossil fuel pollution was reduced, we’d still lose about a third of our coastlines.

Our current weather has been changing a lot more often as well. One day it will be 40 degrees and the next it will be 75. The weather changes like this because of fronts and the “bipolarness” of Earth. People are slowly beginning to realize the effects of climate change and global warming in Earth, but only a small percentage of the world is doing something about it. Since 1880, the average global temperature has increased more than a tenth of a percent each year. This is a significant change in the long run. If changes aren’t made fast, our future generations may not have a home.

The Earth is getting hotter and hotter and we as people living on Earth need to do something about it. Although some effects may be inevitable, there is still always something we can do as a society. Scientists have basically confirmed that climate change and global warming is happening and there’s nothing we can do to stop it, there does seem to be ways to slow or hinder it from getting out of hand. Elimination of fossil fuel pollution, less air pollution in general, and maintaining overall cleanliness of our atmosphere are some possibilities of how we can make this world a better place. We are beginning to see earth-conscious inventions become more and more popular. Things like electric cars and green energy sources really make a difference.  We must act before time runs out and we lose our precious Earth.