Tennessee struck by tornadoes


Isabella’s uncle provided this picture of the damage done to his home.

Isabella Harrop, Staff Writer

An unfortunate event happened on March 3 in Tennessee in the Nashville area. They had a storm which formed two twisters, killing 24 people. My uncle lives in Tennessee and he was one of the ones who actually got hit with the storm; that is part of his house in the image included in this story. The image is of a staircase going up to their loft, which is completely gone. Half of his garage went into pieces, his roof in missing in many areas, and severe damage throughout the whole house, having nothing left considered salvageable. He  hid with his wife and dog in the tub with a mattress over them. Luckily, they only had had a few scrapes and bruises.  There has been significant damage in downtown Nashville and the towns close by. The wind speed was between 136 and 165 miles per hour. The governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee, had declared an emergency after the storm and national guards were sent to help with search and rescue.


The storm came so quickly and unexpectedly, so no one was able to get away from the path it was headed; plus, it happened at around 1 am so many were sleeping. The National Weather Service had said to expect overnight weather because of general thunderstorm that were coming but nothing that is severe. Nashville was also said to only have a 2 percent chance of a tornado. The twister that hit Putnam County was classified as an EF-4, which had winds of 175 miles per hour. One of the tornados wrecked businesses and home for 10 miles, including downtown. The other twister went 2 miles and wrecked 100 structures.


They have repaired almost all of the roadways, traffic lights, and outages. Volunteers were out helping although due to the COVID-19 that has slowed down. Everyone is on a road to recovery, but it will take time considering 2,700 are in need of assistance.  So far,  FEMA has reviewed over 800 homes. They do have food and financial help out there for those in need who can longer live in their homes. Currently by uncle has to get an apartment for the time being while they go through all the insurance and have their home rebuilt because it is beyond repair. They also had to buy all new furniture and clothes because nothing was left that they could keep. Hopefully everything will move quickly and the people who need help will be able to get It.