Coronavirus update

Are the rates falling yet?


Medical experts are working to develop treatments and a vaccine to end the pandemic.

Isabella Harrop, Staff Writer

As we all know the coronavirus has greatly impacted our lives especially for all us seniors out there. It is all anyone talks about, and as soon as you turn on the news it’s what they are talking about. In the United States we now have (as of April 21) 819,866 cases with 44,768  deaths, and 75,015 have recovered but the numbers are still on the rise. Globally was have had over 2 million cases. New York, as we know, has been hit incredibly hard with having 14,828 deaths with 251,690 cases. Fortunately, New York is starting to see a turn for the better as they only need 70 ventilators per day whereas a week ago, they were 200 to 300 a day.


I know many people have started to take precautions as I noticed when I go to the store, I see people wearing masks and gloves. I also work at an animal hospital and rules have changed as we no longer allow owners to come inside the building to lower exposure to others. President Trump has been encouraging people to wear masks when going places. Also, if you’re a senior citizen, they encourage you to stay inside and only go out if you need to go to the store; they don’t want you to even visit your kids or grandkids. The hospitals are not allowing anyone to go inside unless you’re the patient that includes all women who are going into labor the fathers are not allowed to come with. Grocery stores like Publix have modified hours for just senior citizens early in the morning that way they can get what they need and are not exposed as much considering they won’t be as crowded.


Now that the coronavirus hit our stock markets have also taken a toll. There have been 22 million people file for unemployment in the last month. They are giving out a stimulus check for $1,200 and the first ones were actually sent out just this past Saturday. You had to file your taxes as single person with a gross income below $75,000, filed as head of household with AGI less than $112,500 or if you’re married and filed together you had to make less than $150,000 and you will receive $2,400. You can also get the check if you get social security and fall under the income levels.


Cruise ships have taken a large toll as we all heard about the Diamond Princess, Grand Princess, Oasis of the Seas and more were stuck with sick people on their ships. The United States has now ordered that there is a no sail order for 90 days. Thousands of crew members are still stranded on ships. There were 712 cases aboard the Diamond Princess ship and 612 aboard the Ruby Princess. There were 35 cruise ships with at least one cases of the coronavirus aboard and as we know it spreads easily.


On the CDC website there is a self-checker that you can take for those who believe they have the coronavirus. They are not going to check everyone because we are low on supplies already so you must meet certain criteria. The symptoms of coronavirus are fever, tiredness, and a dry cough. You could also experience aches and pains, sore throat diarrhea, runny nose, and nasal congestion. The people who are at a higher risk are older people, or someone who has high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, or heart problems.


There has been a vaccine made and Jennifer Haller, a 44-year-old mother from Seattle, was the first healthy person to receive the new experimental vaccine. She stated, “There was nothing I could do to stop this global pandemic. Then I saw this opportunity come up and though “well maybe there is something I can do to contribute.” The new vaccine also known as mRNA-1273 has been tested on animals but she is the first human to be tested. The participants who receive this vaccine will get two doses 28 days apart and will have be monitored for a year. Haller stated that the first day she received the vaccine she had a slightly elevated temperature and the second day her arm was sore. The vaccine itself will not be out until 18 months as of right now we are just doing trial runs.


Now all we can hope for is the best and that we will see a fall in cases soon and a rise in those who are recovering. That we can stop getting this back to normal people can find jobs and we can build are stock market back up. Many states are dropping their stay-at-home acts on May 1st. There has been talks about re-opening up the country but there is no set date as of now.

We can also hope that this new vaccine will something for us in the future so we can avoid this issue in the future.