West Coast wildfires


California wildfires

Iliana Patterson, Staff Writer

Dozens of wildfires have been raging through the West Coast, causing catastrophic damage, killing over 30 people, and forcing thousands to evacuate their homes.

The fires were started by lightning strikes in August, as the hot and dry climate of the West Coast only fuels the fires. Scientists have linked the wildfires and their magnitude to climate change, though President Donald Trump believes the fires are due to poor forest management by the state governments.

Thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes as an estimated 6.7m acres have burned since the start of 2020. These fires have destroyed thousands of homes, causing tens of thousands of people to evacuate, many of them becoming homeless with nowhere to go.

These wildfires are also having a huge effect on the climate. The smoke from the wildfires have had a huge negative impact on the air quality of the West Coast. The air pollution on the West Coast has hit a record high, and the area now has the worst air quality in the world. The pollution from the wildfires can be very dangerous to human health, raising concerns as the pollution is extremely hazardous in some places.

Though these fires are not only affecting the west coast. There is so much smoke from the wildfires, that it has traveled from the west coast to the east coast and has even made its way to Northern Europe. This has also cause huge changes to the environment as the layer smoke kills hundreds of thousands of birds. The smoke has also caused temperatures to decrease dramatically as the smoke blocks out the sun and the sky.

These fires have had a devastating impact on our country and though many of them were started by lightning strikes or accidents such as the gender reveal party incident, something needs to be done to prevent these fires from being this catastrophic in the future.

Caption: California Wildfires