iOS14: the newest Apple development


The picture above shows the changes to the home screen and the added ability to watch movies/shows while still accessing the home screen.

William Himelhoch, Staff Writer

This past week, Apple has released its newest update to the public, iOS 14. On September 16th, it became official that iOS 14 was up and running and available for download. The news took the internet by storm and countless articles giving tutorials and videos giving reviews popped up in a matter of days

iOS 14 allows users to design their own home page to tailor to their wants and needs. Apple has added various new features such as widgets and the ability to change the picture of any downloaded app. This has caused a spur of users to create their own unique designs based on a variety of topics such as Minecraft or coolmathgames.

On the popular social media app Tik Tok, users are displaying their own personal iOS 14 home page designs. With the use of widgets and additional sorting features, these individuals can create any form of home page they want. Popular themes include spring by colors or picking a movie and arranging the apps to appear like they are from the film.

Apple has redone and reimagined the idea of home screens and added a personal touch that gives the users full control. In addition to these changes, iOS 14 features many other aspects such as the ability to pin conversations and big change to FaceTime.

For FaceTime, the notification when you receive a call no longer takes up the entire screen. Instead a small banner on the top pops up and lets you know who is calling. Also different with FaceTime is the added feature that you can remain on the call (as opposed to being on pause) when you click the home button. This means you can access other apps and still talk to the person face to face.

Another feature added by Apple is the ability to show or hide pages on your home screen. Often, our phones can become crowded with apps and it can be impossible to find a certain app amongst an army of icons. This new feature allows the user to hide entire pages of apps to clear up space. When an app is hidden, the user can swipe all the way to the left to bring up the app library, which allows a user to search for the specific app they want.

The overall update of iOS 14 brings a new face to the Apple iPhone and expands the horizon for all users. Apple has made a way for people to make their devices customizable to the user. The newest update only furthers the progress Apple has made, and it paves a new path for further devices and updates in the future.