Mr. Worldwide Internet


SpaceX is helping to bring internet access to many areas of the world.

Kiara Perez Cans, Staff Writer

What is one of the things you use daily that many in the world don’t have access to? The internet that everyone knows about isn’t available everywhere and all of that will hopefully change in 2021 or 2022. Now in 2020 59% of the world’s population uses internet, leaving 41% of the world without internet.

On October 6, 2020 Space X, which is owned by the famous Elon Musk (also known for inventing the car Tesla), launched 60 Starlink satellites. Space X is known for launching two astronauts to space May 5. They launched the Falcon 9 rocket with the satellites. It took off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at 7:29 am EDT and nine minutes later it safely landed on a ship in the Atlantic Ocean. The goal for this mission is to bring internet access to the world. For now, they are planning to send 60 new satellites every two weeks. In total their goal is having 12,000 satellites in orbit. With 775 Starlink satellites orbiting, it’s a long way to go but either way soon everyone would be able to have internet. This will be a great achievement and will bring good to the future.

Its always good to check up on exciting news. Most importantly if it’s something as amazing as launching a rocket to space and then releasing satellites to help the entire world. Not to mention the rocket landing safely on a ship. Also remember projects like this most likely would be recognized in the future so its better to stay alert for new inventions like these.