Will there be a second debate?


Trump and Biden are scheduled to have a second debate on Oct. 15th, will COVID-19 cause yet another event to be rescheduled or cancelled?

Jacob Reiter, Staff Writer

As of writing this, President Donald Trump and a number of his associates have tested positive for COVID. This diagnosis comes two weeks before the second presidential debate scheduled for October 15th, leaving some to question if it will happen at all. It can be seen in national polls that voters in “swing states” did not enjoy the performance of both candidates in the previous debate to say the least. This means that voters those states need to see the other two debates in order to make up their mind. However, in a recent development many people are calling for the second debate to be cancelled for one reason or another. This sudden wave of panic was caused by the admission of Trump into Walter Reed hospital after his COVID symptoms worsened. In recent days he has left the hospital claiming to feel much better, but others are not as convinced that he is non-infectious. Even less than a week before the debate he has not publicly announced that he has had a negative test result. Both Trump and Biden are in their mid to late 70s meaning that they are at a higher risk of passing away due to COVID. Biden, quite literally fearing for his life has requested that if an in-person debate is to happen when scheduled there would be masks required and plastic shields be put between himself and Trump. The other factor that is putting the debate in jeopardy is the location it is set to be held in. The second debate is to take place here in the state of Florida near the city of Miami where 20 undecided voters will ask both candidates questions. As of writing this, Miami and the surrounding area is the most infected part of the state, meaning that the undecided voters in addition to Trump will have to confirm a negative test result for COVID before they can walk onto the debate floor. Many other details of the debate are unclear to the general public at this moment, but all we can really do is hope the Trump recovers swiftly and that Biden doesn’t contract the virus himself.