Eta brings a hurricane day and a half to Pinellas students

People tried, some with less success than others, to drive through the storm.

People tried, some with less success than others, to drive through the storm.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

Students everywhere in Pinellas County are hoping that this hurricane will come our way. It’s been a relatively dry hurricane season this year for the west coast of Florida and that means we’ve had no hurricane days this school year. Hurricane days allow there to be a nice break from the mundane weekly school. Even better are tropical storms; they come with little to no worry of danger but with all the rewards of a hurricane. Tropical storms are just a way to get out of school and nothing more. They don’t have strong enough winds to do any serious damage to things but have strong enough winds to get out of school.

With this impending tropical storm Eta, almost all of the brick and mortar students are anxiously awaiting to see if it hits here and if we get the last couple days of this week off of school. While we’ve had many more days off this year than usual because of testing, the thought of having more off is very appealing. The thought of being able to have off of school on a rainy day, being able to watch movies and just lay in bed all day is something that at least I look forward to very much. There has been a lot of hurricanes this year, and somehow, none of them have hit us. It’s been a very disappointing year in the rain department and hopefully this tropical storm will help rectify it a little bit.

Thankfully, with the storm changing course and coming directly at us, we did have school off on Thursday and most of the day off Wednesday. It was a nice break, and they didn’t even try to make us do online. It only rained on Wednesday night, but it wasn’t even that bad. Floridians are used to this weather, it was pretty much a normal storm with a little bit stronger winds. I drove in it and it wasn’t even bad. Tropical storm Eta was good to us, as it provided us with a nice escape from school.