Tropical storm coming for Florida


The radar shows the formation of Tropical Storm Eta.

Kara Piehl, Staff Writer

As you can see, Florida has recently been having some bad weather. Winds have been ranging from 10-25 mph and the rain has been coming down hard every night. Hurricane season is about to come to an “end” but tropical storms are still coming strong. The two storms, Eta in the Gulf and Theta are currently moving through the Atlantic Ocean, are making their way on land.


Tropical storm Eta, which was blossoming over the southeast Gulf of Mexico this Tuesday, has already made three landfalls. This storm blew through Cuba and passed over the Florida Keys.  Now it can make a fourth landfall somewhere between the Big Bend of Florida. There is also a chance Eta will briefly strengthen to a hurricane and hurricane-force winds may be felt along the coast.  About 270 miles along Florida, Eta has strengthened to maximum sustained winds of 70 mph. Some parts of Florida are already ready to evacuate, and others are about to shut school down.


Meanwhile, Subtropical Storm Theta formed in the Atlantic Ocean on November 9th, 2020 is slowly starting to form. This storm is officially making 2020 the most active hurricane season on record with 29 storms so far. No watches or warnings are in place as Theta. This tropical storm will travel east and stay in open water. That’s the information on it for now, but at any moment it can take a turn.


It has now been a couple days since the Tropical storm. Over the past few days, we have been getting tornado warnings. Along with the warnings, we experienced strong winds and a lot of rain. Places such as Ft. Lauderdale experienced major flooding.


Overall, Tropical storm Eta is making a strong appearance on Florida. After strong winds and a lot of pouring rain, the storm has left as quickly as it came.