The Grinch of Safety Harbor


The Grinch enjoys his day off by distributing onions to fellow shoppers in the area.

William Himelhoch, Staff Writer

With Christmas just around the corner and decorations being put up all around, the Grinch (yes you heard me right, the Grinch) has made a surprise appearance in Safety Harbor. You can find him walking around Main Street bringing Christmas joy to local shoppers. On your next visit, keep your eyes peeled for our green furry friend and snap a pic saying you found the Grinch.


The Grinch lives in the newly opened cheesecake shop, Bassano’s. He has taken over the place and even has given himself employee of the month and he also features his own cheesecake flavor with his own hair on it!!! The Grinch only shows up to work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday after he gave himself his own schedule. Bassano has transformed the place into a Christmas wonderland inside also including a small section dedicated to Hanukkah. Shoppers can enjoy their cheesecake and a variety of hot chocolate flavors while sitting next to the fire and taking in the smell of the holidays.


The Grinch even made ABC news and has his own article due to his growing popularity. He is also is making it into Facebook posts and Instagram stories. Mr. Grinch’s rising fame seems to be only increasing more and more as people are searching the streets for him. This has been a great addition for Bassano’s Cheesecake who opened mid-pandemic, creating their fair share of struggles. But the Grinch is bringing in more business and helping the store thrive.


The Grinch even has been known to serve his special onion lattes along with his furry cheesecake. But don’t try this cheesecake because he doesn’t shower very often. Fellow employees will warn you that his hair gets everywhere, and you especially do not want it on your food. If that’s your kind of style, then go find him and he will deliver you his specialty. The Grinch typically carries onions around that he likes to gift to nearby customers. He also works as the greeter for Bassano’s but is said to not be the best worker by his fellow employees. The Grinch is known to take breaks at his own will and also ruin food with his crazy hair mentioned above.


So, this Christmas keep your eyes peeled for your friendly neighborhood Grinch. He is always up for a talk and will cheer up your day and that of others. You can find him walking the streets of Safety Harbor and at Bassano Cheesecake and don’t forget to grab a slice on your way out.