Cold front heading towards Tampa Bay


Temperatures begin to drop in Florida as a cold front moves in.

Iliana Patterson, Staff Writer

Temperatures in the Tampa Bay area rapidly dropped this week as a cold front approached the area. It is finally starting to feel like winter as the temperatures begin to drop to the low 40s, and forecasts show a huge drop in humidity. Normally, it begins to get cold in Florida around mid-October, though this year it got cold a little later in the year as temperatures dropped for the first time in late November.

Normally once cold fronts begin to move in Florida, it causes not only the temperature to drop, but the humidity as well. This drop in humidity dries out the air and makes it much more likely for temperature swings to occur. Though it rarely gets too cold in Florida, as the record low for October in Florida was 40 degrees, set in 1964, while a record all time low was 18 degrees set in 1962.

Though many Floridians do not enjoy the cold as they are used to hot weather for the majority of the year. The cold weather is a topic of conversation for many people, as most people tend not to enjoy colder weather. Most people who live in Florida are not used to this colder weather and can often have a hard time adjusting to this weather.

The cold weather will definitely not last though, as temperatures are believed to rise back up to the low seventies during the day by the end of the week, although temperatures will drop to the low sixties during the night making it ideal to take a make sure to wear a jacket. Though as we move into December and January, there is still plenty of time for temperatures to drop and for Florida to experience a colder winter this year.