From vaccine hopes to chaos


Now that senior citizens are being vaccinated the group that is at highest risk will soon be immune to the virus. Hopefully things continue to go this smoothly.

Jacob Reiter, Staff Writer

Over Winter break right before the start of the year Florida residents began receiving the first doses of the newly approved COVID vaccine. As of the writing of this article, healthcare workers have received their first doses and residents 65 years of age and older are receiving their first dose. Just a few days ago the websites and phone lines used for the reservation of appointments for senior citizens have crashed or have gone down. Thankfully this is a good problem to have as it shows that seniors are trying to get vaccinated as quickly as possible. As for how the rest of the vaccinations are going to go, things aren’t so certain. After seniors all people considered “essential workers” are set to be vaccinated next, but it hasn’t been made clear what qualifies as “essential” in the eyes of the Florida government. This group of people is likely going to take the longest as there are most certainly more workers than there are seniors, which will only further complicate the process in my view. Finally, everyday people and teens above the age of 14 will receive the vaccine, functionally bringing herd immunity with it. As far as vaccinating teens goes, the most efficient way that I think that vaccines can be distributed to students and teachers alike is to ship the vaccines to schools. In this system I would imagine that in order for students to get vaccinated they would have to make an appointment with the school nurse’s office and have parental approval before going in. As for teachers it wouldn’t make sense for them to miss an entire day of teaching just to get a vaccine, making it much more convenient for them as well. Overall, I hope that the distribution of the vaccine continues to go  well and that no hiccups are encountered so that we can finally wipe out this reminder of 2020 and move on into 2021.

Additionally, due to the events that occurred Wednesday the transfer of power between Trump and Biden will be rocky to say the least. With the last remaining Senate seats going to the Democrats, they will control the White House and the entire Congress. The events that happened Wednesday are unforgivable and what many would consider an affront to democracy. I am most certain that this day will not be forgotten, and that Trump will be blamed for this event, as he was the one that spurred on a protest through his baseless claims of voter fraud. Due to this I guarantee that Trump will have to run as a 3rd party candidate in 2024 should he decide to run at all.