What the pandemic may look like in the new year

The COVID vaccine

The COVID vaccine

Iliana Patterson, Staff Writer

Although it is a new year, we are still struggling to deal with the coronavirus pandemic amid rising cases in the United States and other countries. While most countries have relaxed their COVID-19 regulations, cases are still rising in most countries, so it is likely that the majority of 2021 will be spent dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic.

The United States government was prepared for a rise in cases this fall and winter, but as new records for number of hospitalizations, deaths, and infections are being set, it seems less and less likely for states to ever be able to get this virus fully under control. Many states have not implemented any impactful regulations to help prevent the spread of coronavirus but are instead more focused on beginning to reopen the states. That the United States surpassed the number of cases it was previously predicted to have by the end of 2020 shows just how out of control the Coronavirus has gotten.

But the development of the coronavirus vaccine may drastically improve conditions, as long as it is able to become more widely available to the public. Many doses of the coronavirus vaccine have been given out to essential and healthcare workers, but it may be months before the vaccines have been developed enough to be widely available to the public.

Experts have predicted that by the end of June, multiple vaccines will be widely available to the public, though scientists say it will only be effective if the majority of the people take the vaccine to get herd immunity, which would end the pandemic. But according to experts, things should begin to slowly go back to normal after the first half of the year, though the pandemic will have lasting effects on our society as scientists study the long-term effects of the vaccine and keep an eye out for mutations in the coronavirus that could make the vaccine ineffective.