President Biden’s executive orders simplified


President Biden has signed 33 executive orders in the matter of six days, and he has shown no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Jacob Reiter, Staff Writer

As of the writing of this story President Biden has made 33 executive orders in just under a week in office. A dozen of them are to reverse actions that President Trump had made, and the rest dealing with topics such as immigration, the economy, the environment, and the pandemic. This article will summarize those orders in a clear to understand way so that readers may make their own opinion on the orders thus far.

The first executive order that President Biden signed was a reversal of Trump’s order to the office of management and budget in order to “modernize regulatory review” which is the government’s ability to oversee regulations made by federal agencies. President Biden’s second order was that all presidential appointees must now sign an “ethics pledge” stating they won’t serve their own interests. His fourth through sixth orders all undo Trump’s border wall plans, relaxes immigration enforcement, and undoes Trump’s “Muslim travel ban.” President Biden’s 12th order rejoins the USA into the Paris climate accord, an organization within the UN that promotes environmental protection. His 16th is what I personally believe to be the best so far, which is the order to stop the USA from withdrawing from the World Health Organization. In my view, this is the worst decision that Trump made in office, especially since he made it in the middle of a global pandemic. The last orders in specific that I will mention is order 31 which reverses Trump’s order to ban transgenders from joining the military. The rest of President Biden’s orders deal with the pandemic like establishing a “100 day challenge” where 100 million vaccines are to be distributed in 100 days and that all people on federal property will wear a mask for 100 days, or about tweaks to immigration policies like increased protection for those brought illegally to the USA as children. Thus far I believe most of the President’s orders to be beneficial to the country as a whole, though I am disappointed that nearly half of them are made to reverse decisions made by Trump. The fact that Trump had made so many executive orders that were deemed bad enough decisions that they needed to be undone before he had even been gone for a week shows the severity of his mistakes. On top of that, nearly everything that Trump promised in his 2016 campaign has been undone in the matter of three days. Progress and funding for his border wall has been ceased entirely and his tax cuts for the rich have been undone. Hopefully this isn’t repeated by whomever President Biden’s successor ends up being.