Armie Hammer’s secret


Hammer, his ex-wife Elizabeth, and two children.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

Armie Hammer is a word-wide name. So you can imagine the media when they heard about the recent accusations against the actor. Hammer has played major roles in huge movies like The Social Network or his role as Oliver in Call Me by Your Name. These roles shaped him into someone I appreciated in film. Now… not so much.


The screen-recordings of Instagram DMs between him and an anonymous woman show Hammer has some dark interests, including cannibalism. And I know that seems crazy. But the screen-recordings include graphic content, with him saying things like how he wanted to drink her blood and eat her, even going as far as to literally say: “I am 100% a cannibal…That’s scary to admit. I’ve never admitted that before.” The screen-recordings have not been verified, but Hammer’s representatives denying to comment on the subject at all.. suspicious if you ask me. But Hammer has come out and denied them completely.


And even overlooking the screen-recordings and screenshots being unverified, multiple other women have also come out and accused Hammer for similar actions against them.. most of which they stated they did not consent to. Courtney Vucekovich dated Hammer from June all the way to October of last year during his divorce from his baby’s mother Elizabeth Chambers. And although she is not able to verify the DMs, she said that she didn’t find them surprising at all. She described her relationship with Hammer as “manipulative” but as of now is declining to comment on acts he’d done to her in order to not overshadow his other actions.


Hammer seems to have been facing a lot of issues this past year. And maybe these horrific acts help him take the stress off as he and his wife are going through a divorce, and are in a fight for custody of their two young children. It is repulsive, and I hope that Armie Hammer is held accountable rather than just being off the hook because he is famous.