In the darkness


This photo shows the newly discovered life that was found under a massive sheet of ice.

William Himelhoch

As humans, we have only explored about five percent of the world’s oceans. This number is so minuscule, and we have only brushed the surface on the animals and creatures that live in the water. Just recently, a new life form was discovered in the deep depths of Antarctica and it has scientists scratching their heads. The discovery was accidental and now is at the top of the board of questions that need to be answered by the scientific community.


It was originally thought that at those depths (3000 plus feet) no creatures could survive. But scientists stumbled upon sponges and barnacles known as filter feeders. Filter feeders are a select group of animals that feed by straining food and particles from the water. These creatures were discovered on the underside of a massive sheet of ice and caught everyone by surprise. Because of this discovery, the original idea that no living thing could survive at these depths has been thrown out the window. It has opened new possibilities and has everyone scrambling for answers. This kind of exploration under the ice shelf has only been done a handful of times and now will surely be investigated more. With this new discovery it won’t be long until we are able to fully understand these creatures and how they can survive with no sunlight and seemingly no available food source.


This discovery only further enhances the questions of what lies in the ocean that we have not yet discovered? The possibilities are endless, and this new finding only sparks more curiosity in the scientific community and the world. Scientists are eager to figure out how these creatures have adapted to such extreme environments. Learning more about these creatures can help us understand the ways of other living things in the ocean. It was stated by marine biologist Huw Griffiths that the total amount of area explored under the ice shelves only adds up to about the size of a tennis court. This finding being by accident makes it even more surprising. Scientists were simply digging straight down and researching the ice structures when they happened to stumble upon the exact spot of these creatures. With only such a small area having been explored, the possibilities are endless for what others could find.


With a new marine discovery in Antarctica, even more questions about what really lies in the ocean have opened up. We humans have only just brushed the surface with what lives under the surface. These discoveries open new worlds and help us understand more about the unknown darkness of the ocean.