It’s chilly in Texas


On Tuesday, 73.2% of the country was covered in snow, none in Florida of course.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

The weather around the country has been very crazy this week. Pretty much every state in

the continental United States has been cold or had snow this week. That is, except Florida. The

snowstorm Uri followed by winter storm Viola had been causing a lot of problems in Texas. With record low temperatures of minus 30 in Nebraska and subzero in Texas, it’s been a all-time record cold tied with Oklahoma City in 1989. 3.6 million homes are without power in Texas and 4 million in the country due to this storm. Because of this storm there was also a 133-car pileup a couple of days ago that killed six people and injured many. The people of Texas are not used to this amount of snow, and it’s clear that they’re not used to it.

And while the other states have weather below 30, it’s been almost 80 degrees here every

day. Florida is the only state of the continental states that has been hot, other than some parts of

California, this week. Even Florida’s weather has been strange though, it’ll be a high of 63

degrees one day and then almost 80 the next. And even though it’s been raining a lot the past two

weeks, the usual cold front that comes after the rain in the winter has not arrived. When the

weather is so unpredictable, it really makes it hard to plan out the week. On hot days it rains and

on cold days it doesn’t, the weather makes it hard to do anything outside. Of course snow isn’t

expected here, but Florida being the only warm state right now is odd.