Ethiopian symbol of integration killed by employee


Agitu Ideo Gudeta holding produce she grew on her farm, La Capra Felice (The Happy Goat).

Emma Guenther, Staff Writer

In December of 2020, an Ethiopian woman who had immigrated to Italy was killed by a Ghanaian man she had hired as an employee at her goat farm. Agitu Ideo Gudeta fled Ethiopia and migrated to Italy in 2010, where she built an immensely successful goat product business. She sold goods such as goat cheese and goat beauty products from her farm La Capra Felice. Gudeta was seen as a symbol of integration and success during a time in which there was considerable political controversy over migration. Her goal in starting her business was to create a good image for African people in the eyes of the native Italians, and she was successful in doing this by running a thriving business that allowed Italians to be exposed to African culture and people with positive experiences.

Gudeta wanted to give other African immigrants to Italy an opportunity to work in a familiar field and be financially stable, so she hired immigrants from African countries as her employees. One of these employees was a Ghanaian man by the name of Adams Suleimani. In December, Suleimani admitted to killing 42-year-old Gudeta and then raping her as she lay dying. It is believed that Suleimani killed Agitu Ideo Gudeta with a hammer in an argument over an unpaid salary.

This event is incredibly sad due to the loss of an individual who was an excellent symbol of integration and had created a positive image of Africans in the eyes of Italians. However, this also takes away from the image that Gudeta spent roughly ten years establishing, because the fact that she was killed by another individual from Africa may give Italians who were already prejudiced against Africans the idea that they are all violent people who kill even each other. This is incredibly far from the truth, but this tragedy should be spoken of more widely not only to commemorate the life of Agitu Ideo Gudeta, but to share her success with the world. It is imperative that the life story of Gudeta is used to further promote integration and to emphasize the good within people from all nationalities, despite the horrendous actions of one man that led to the untimely death of an incredibly inspirational figure.