Trump’s legal battles continue


It seems as if ever since election season Mr. Trump has been involved in one lawsuit after another, either starting it himself or being sued by others.

Jacob Reiter, Staff Writer

With the impeachment trial behind him, Mr. Trump now faces even more legal battles concerning his financial actions and his physical actions. The Supreme Court has requested the past eight years of Trump’s tax returns. They do this on the grounds of him making it a point to keep his financial records secret leading up to and during his time as President as well as the shady tax practices of companies that he owns. This could lead to disaster for the former President, as if the Court finds evidence of crimes committed he could face jail time for tax fraud or tax evasion. Additionally, there have been rumors of a potential lawsuit concerning the Capital riots on January sixth. If a lawsuit were to be filed, the case has the potential to be dismissed instantly, as Trump has already been tried by the Senate for the riots and was acquitted. It is unconstitutional for a person to be tried for the same crime twice, if the impeachment trial does not count as a formal lawsuit then there is a possibility that Trump is acquitted by the Senate but loses the lawsuit causing him to face jail time. The third lawsuit in the making for Trump is a rape allegation by E. Jean Carroll. Carroll filed the lawsuit in 2019 but it was postponed due to Trump’s current status as President. She claimed that Trump raped her in a Manhattan department store in the mid 1990s and that due to his high status she decided to keep the encounter to herself for the past 20 years. Now that Trump has left office the lawsuit is likely going to proceed as the main argument against holding the trial is no longer applicable. Regardless of the outcome of these legal battles, one thing is for certain. Trump is going to have quite the bill of legal fees