Family of Myanmar girl killed by military forced into hiding


Six-year-old Khin Myo Chit

Emma Guenther, Staff Writer

Recently, the Myanmar military, led by coup leader General Min Aung Hilaing, overthrew the government and incited fear throughout the nation. They overturned a democratic election, arrested leader Aung San Suu Kyi, and established a military nation.

Since the coup, civilians have organized peaceful protests and strikes but are met with violence, including “shootings, enforced disappearances and torture of political prisoners” (CNN). Over 300 people have been killed, including several children.

Myanmar citizens currently live in fear of being forced out of their homes and almost 1,000 have already been detained. Many of these individuals are young and their families have no idea where they are or even if they are alive.

On Tuesday, a six-year-old girl in Mandalay was shot dead in her father’s arms after security forces forcibly entered their home. They then arrested the child’s older brother and the family has still not received any information regarding his whereabouts.

According to the girl’s sister, they “dare not go home and are still in hiding,” as “there are still soldiers and police in [their] house.”

To make a tragic situation more devastating, the girl’s family had a difficult time burying her body because the military often attempts to seize the bodies of their victims, possibly in an attempt to hide the military’s role in their deaths. The family of the child had to wait until there was no one in the cemetery to see them, and even still have been unable to properly say goodbye to their daughter.

Since the girl’s death, her family has been forced to leave their home and live in fear of being arrested by junta forces. According to a doctor in Mandalay, the streets have become “like a slaughter ground,” with police shooting at “anything they see.” “What they are doing is not cracking down the protest, now they are shooting randomly in the neighborhoods, it’s not safe anymore even in our own houses with locked doors,” he states.