Spring break: Miami mayhem


As can be seen here, the crowds have been insane at Miami Beach.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

It’s been a year since the start of lockdown last March. This also means that it’s been a year since spring break. Living in Florida, we live in a big spring break vacation spot. Having some of the best beaches in the country, college students, families, and people who just want to soak up some sun come from all over to spend their weeklong break near the water. Perfect enough, the state is also mostly open with most of the restrictions lifted. Many people didn’t get to go on vacation over summer, with things still be closed a lot of places and travel being strict. But, all over the country the restrictions are starting to lessen, and people are starting to go out again.

While many people came to Florida for spring break this year, Miami was definitely the

biggest attraction. People came by the tens of thousands to spend their week at the iconic city.

There were 1,000 arrests, but it was said to be overall nonviolent, with a majority of them being for drug possession or public consumption of alcohol. On Saturday, the city declared a state of emergency and an eight o’clock curfew. Being unable to handle to large crowds of people, the had military looking vehicles driving through and breaking them up. While Miami does still have a mask mandate, many of the tourists were maskless in these crowds and the policing worked to break it up. The few people who were in the crowds who didn’t have the best conduct were the ones who ruined it for everyone. It wasn’t just the crowds that led to this but the actions of some of those in it. This differs from the rest of the state, especially Clearwater where the beaches and area were packed and there was still a lot of crowds and arrests.