First flight on another planet

For those who want to see footage of the flight the following link will take you to a video showing the minute of sustained flight that Ingenuity achieved

Jacob Reiter, Staff Writer

Last Monday, on April 19th NASA conducted the first test of the Ingenuity helicopter that was sent to Mars alongside the Perseverance rover. Many of the scientists working on the Ingenuity project were concerned that it would not fly. The reason scientists were so concerned if the helicopter would work is because the atmosphere on Mars is much thinner than Earth’s. Due to the thinness of the atmosphere the rotor blades must be larger and faster than an equivalent helicopter on Earth, making ingenuity roughly the size of a school desk. However, the increased size of the blades makes the craft heavier and more unlikely to fly. Thankfully, the fears of the scientists were not realized as the helicopter performed the first powered flight on another planet. The entire flight lasted just over 40 seconds according to NASA and proved that sustained flight on Mars is possible. NASA has announced that there will be several more flights from this point forward with the purpose of testing its limits in terms of flight time and height.