Biden’s first 100 days


Since his inauguration in February Joe Biden has been working to accomplish the goals that he set for the country during his campaign speeches.

Jacob Reiter, Staff Writer

It has been 100 days since President Biden has been inaugurated; this time frame is considered to be highly important in gauging the rest of a President’s time in office. Based on several polls taken by large media outlets, a majority of Americans approve of Biden’s actions during his first 100 days. However, the specific percentage of Americans that approve vary from survey to survey. The major events of Biden’s time as President so far include the three stimulus programs passed so far, his updating of federal COVID-19 guidelines, and the announcement of withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Most Americans have supported these decisions thus far, as many people are surviving unemployment due to these stimulus checks and other programs. These programs include a total of nearly 4 trillion dollars to be put towards individuals as well as infrastructure and businesses. Additionally, most Americans don’t approve of the war in Afghanistan so naturally withdrawing troops is approved by many. Immigration policies have also been changed to allow more people to enter the country which will allow the country to increase the population and by extension the workforce. Overall, many people believe that President Biden has done a good job in his office thus far and is serving the American people well.