Oops…Britney’s in trouble again!

Has Britney Spears conservatorship come to the point of upsetting the law? Fans believe so. The #FreeBritney movement is again in full swing as Spears fights for her freedom in the court of law.

Pictured is the #FreeBritney protest that was held in July in Tampa. Fans gather to spread the word and demand justice.

Pictured is the #FreeBritney protest that was held in July in Tampa. Fans gather to spread the word and demand justice.

Makayla Bech, Staff Writer

Major public icons are spreading the word and advocating for Britney to receive her freedom. (The Mirror)

Britney Spears is a multi-platinum recording artist who is a Grammy winner along with 372 other varying awards for her music career. Within the United States Britney has sold more than 70 million records and 100 million worldwide. It is safe to say that she has built quite a career for herself. Britney has the world in her grasp… apart from not having any rights to her fortunes or even her own self.

In 2007 Spears filed for divorce against her husband at the time, Kevin Federline. Within the three-year span of this short-lived marriage the couple has two sons, Sean, and Jaden. This divorce marks the spot on the timeline when Britney’s mental health really began to crumble.

The question that came into play was, which parent would get custody of the children. The court had originally granted 50/50 custody to Federline and Spears; however, that number was overturned the following year. Britney had claimed that she was not receiving enough time with her children, and as a result locked herself and one of her sons in a bathroom while Federline was there to pick the children up. This caused Britney’s 2008 arrest and therefore the court granted 30/70 custody with most of the custody being given to Kevin. The mental stability of Britney began to decline rapidly.

Many other not-so-normal nor healthy minded actions were recorded of Britney in the years of 2007-8. For example, she hit a car and ran with an invalid license, she publicly shaved her head, and was admitted to the psychiatric floor of the hospital twice.

The fame, stardom and custody battle seemed to have a toll on Britney and the Spears family began to grow concerns for her overall safety. In 2008 her father, Jamie Spears, petitioned the court for a temporary conservatorship over his daughter. The court will grant conservatorship over an individual that is unfit to care for themselves and/or is a danger to themselves. This meant that Britney’s father now had temporary control over all of her personal decisions and finances. When the temporary period was near to ending, the court granted that Britney should remain in the conservatorship indefinitely.

This conservatorship has been continuing and has not been put on hold for the past decade. Britney’s life has been completely under the control of her father. Recently however, Britney has spoken publicly about this situation for the first time in many years. Her purpose for the sudden public exposure is her desire to marry her boyfriend and have more children. Ever since the beginning of the conservatorship in 2008, fans have protested and signed petitions with the label #FreeBritney. The movement surrendered for a while and decreased in popularity; however, fans are more outraged than ever before and are spreading the campaign yet again. In fact, locally this past July fans took to the streets of Tampa and marched along the Riverwalk spreading awareness about the situation. Fans are marching for justice and this time claiming to not stop until justice is rightfully served.

In the recent months of 2021, Britney has taken to social media to make the public aware that she is going to court to get the conservatorship overturned. In relation to the social media outburst, prior to the legal battle announcement, Britney became regularly active on the social networking site, Tik Tok. She would repeatedly post dancing videos where it seemed as though she was being forced to do them, fans observed. In the comment sections of the videos, concerned fans would comment things like “wear yellow in the next video if you need help. And to the horror of many, Britney would yellow. This is just one example of the occurrence, for it happened multiple other times. On July 14th in front of a judge, Britney accused Jamie spears of “conservatorship abuse.” Continuing, on the date of June 23 at her official hearing, Britney exposed her father saying she was “scared of him” and that she was forced to use a birth control contraceptive called an IUD to prevent pregnancy. She claims that she did not consent to this and voiced clearly that her father and his team have full control over her autonomy and emotional well-being. Further, she discussed how she was forced to work 70-hour weeks, which is in simple terms inhumane.

Britney’s tear-evoking testimony grasped the attention of a worldwide audience. The #FreeBritney movement became more immense than ever before. The motive of this movement is to get Britney her life back and to make Jamie Spears pay for his abuse. One of the main points of the #FreeBritney campaign exploits how she was forced to perform her Las Vegas show (whilst running a fever). The campaign protestors related this situation strongly to labor trafficking. The large team managed by Jamie Spears is skilled at working around the law and “working around the law” claims of Plorais Blog. This is therefore stating that on paper, what they are doing is justifiable within a court room but not acceptable in a personable manner.

The #FreeBritney movement has already cause so much social and legal change. The demand to get Britney her life back and the exposure of the truth allowed Britney to be granted legal permission from the court to hire an attorney of her choice. Further, many fundraisers have spiked in popularity due to A-list celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus donating millions to the cause. A long-time Britney fan stated that “she should be able to have basic human rights.” As a 39-year-old woman who has made a multi-million-dollar career for herself, millions of viewers worldwide beg to agree.

The stigma surrounding mental health has lessened from the early 2000s when Britney had her series of public breakdowns. Therefore, the question arises of, is Britney insane, or is her life shown under a microscope with every discrepancy exposed?