Grateful for Florida

Erin Wronka, Entertainment Editor

           This past summer, the intense Florida heat always had me complaining about the constant sweat and sunburn. I could not wait for the colder winter months and I said on numerous occasions that I just wanted to be somewhere the weather never got that extreme during the summer. As the fall months unraveled, I didn’t think the cool breeze was ever going to arrive, but finally we found December to be a pretty frigid month in the beginning. I was still enjoying it, until Christmas came around and my family and I traveled up north to visit family. That’s when I realized living in Florida really is a blessing.

                The weather in New York on Christmas day wasn’t bad at all; it was basically the same temperature I had left Florida at. I thought it was the perfect atmosphere for the holidays until my family turned on the news Christmas night and received the warnings for the incoming blizzard. My first thought was how cool it would be to see snow again, while my parents (who have much experience with it) were considering getting out of town before the storm arrived. Sure enough, the next morning the snow was falling at a constant pace and we couldn’t go anywhere. Three feet of snow covered the streets, cars, and anything else it could find by nighttime and we all realized what we’d gotten ourselves into. For the next three days, it was impossible to go anywhere, let alone dig out the car from the massive piles of snow.

          I always believed that I would love to witness such a white scene, but after about five minutes of it I wanted out.  I was not grateful in any way for the snow and I was getting increasingly jealous of my Florida friends’ Facebook statuses about being at the beach. Hundreds of flights were cancelled to get in and out of New York and thousands of people’s plans were ruined. All of this made me realize how much I love Florida, even if it does get too hot sometimes. I would much rather be free to go anywhere, than freeze and be trapped inside. Next time you are frustrated with the Florida weather, consider the inconveniences of a snowy day.