Cosmetic surgery

Jordan Patton, Staff Writer

More and more women are turning to cosmetic surgery in order to make them- selves look better. 45% of women at the ages of 35-50 have cosmetic surgery per year. Last year there was an average of 4.6 million procedures done.

I wonder what happened to eating right and going to the gym to make ourselves look better. There is still a good amount of people that go to the gym but now- a -days more of younger group of women are relying on surgery. The most common types of procedures these women are getting are breast implants and butt lifts. We all are willing to risk consequences for the things we want but is cosmetic surgery really worth a risk? Cosmetic surgery is not always promising. The consequences can be from swelling of the face, allergic reactions, to even death.

“I heard on the news a young woman went into surgery to get stuff down to her upper body and she ended up dying in the middle of it,” said junior Kayla Lucero. That young woman and her husband did not go into that doctor’s office realizing she wasn’t going to make it out. This is something a lot of women don’t think about when they make appointments for cosmetic surgery. Deaths resulting from plastic and reconstructive surgery are rare-less than ¼ percent of all office based outpatient procedures. Doctors do warn their patients about this, nut they say it’s a one in a million chance. Any woman going into this surgery can be that one.

Cosmetic surgery does have its advantages. Women can change their look and change their body faster than a gym or eating right could. When they think about going through with the surgery they only think the side effects are going to just be soreness or a massive headache. There is a lot more to cosmetic surgery than many women care to think. Is changing your body really worth risking your life?

The point is, is that there is nothing promising about cosmetic surgery. The safe and real way of changing your look is the good old fashion gym. At least you know you will walk out alive.