The idea of thin

Taylor Rowland, Staff Writer

In society today women believe they are supposed to be thin and model like. That slim body type is the way to look and the way to be. Media emphasizes the thin body type because every magazine cover has a thin woman on the front. What most girls and women don’t understand is that these women are often air brushed or digitally altered in order to fit the perfect mold society has made. Women believe they are supposed to look this way so they will often do anything in order to accomplish this whether it is becoming anorexic or bulimic or even exercising 24/7. What woman believes is the perfect body type is distorted and men have a whole other view on the topic.

Men love healthier women. It is a proven fact. In basic psychology men want to find a mate who is healthy looking so they can bear his children. Men do not like stick figured girls or girls who are just skin and bones. Men believe it or not do not judge how skinny a girl is, that isn’t important to them. As women we need to have the same opinion. Healthy looking figures and not just bones is the way to go. Women need to start seeing that being ultra thin is not what men are after. Obviously women struggling with eating disorders are not suffering to catch the eye of men, but as women it should be comforting that men like woman that look healthy.

So instead of having media infused with air brushing and re touching, it should be full of healthy, naturally looking women.