A peculiar discovery in the vending machine

Imran Ahmed, Web Editor

During a normal day of school, I suddenly felt thirsty for something to drink. To my dismay I found out that a bottle of water costs more than a soda. I, for one, am not a big soda drinker and thought why would a bottle of water that costs so little to manufacture cost more than a can of soda that requires more work due to the all the components required to make the soda?  My theory is that water is more expensive because of the fact that it’s a healthier alternative to those carbonated beverages and sugar infused drinks. The fact is to live a healthier lifestyle, one must be able to pay the price, literally. I came across plant operators and staff members and asked them why an 8 ounce water bottle costs 25 cents more than a 12 ounce can of Mountain Dew. Unfortunately, none of them had a legitimate response, other than the fact that the school has set the prices in accordance to their deal with Pepsi.

. Another discovery I made was the fact that the water bottle that was in the vending machine wasn’t a product of Pepsi which made me question, where are we getting all of our stuff from? These are all questions I leave to you, the reader to be answered.  I feel like in due time, the school will reveal more information about what causes these prices to be set. In the meantime, people I highly recommend bringing a thermos filled with your favorite beverage; it’s better than paying for a disposable can of soda or bottle of water and the amount of money that you will save will add up, so keep that in mind the next time you walk by one of East Lake’s very own vending machines.