New year only?

Erin Wronka, Editor-in- Chief

             The holidays are often a time in which people realize the things in their life that they’re blessed to have, or rather, what they don’t have. All the chaos of friends and family around, the gift giving, the massive food binges, the time off from work, and other such holiday circumstances manage to bring to the surface the advantages or flaws in a person’s life. It has been studied that depression is at its highest among the month of December because of those negative things that many start to dwell on  throughout the season. The mistakes and regrets of the past year are enough to make anyone go crazy, and this is what often motivates people to make New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s to work out more or cut back on snide remarks, we promise ourselves that we will do better in the new year. I am one of these said people; I always find myself longing to make changes once January begins. So with this said, why is it that we all decide this mostly at only the beginning of the year?

                Like was mentioned before, the holidays tend to stir alterations people want to make in the new year. But really, does it have to only be at this time that we decide to work on ourselves? What’s wrong with being inspired in June to treat our parents with more respect, or clean our rooms without being asked? Only making resolutions at New Year’s in a way makes society look awfully flawed. Everyone comes up with those negative things they want to change at the same time, so for about a week tons of people are hypocritically going out of their way to do something about it. Take at look at February 1 and many are evidently already back to their old ways. The gym is cleared out, and the impatient honks on the road are back.

                For that one week, we truly believe we’re succeeding in our resolutions, but this manages to quickly fade away. Why does it always have to go like this? I do it myself; I’ve already slacked on my own resolution of working out . But when I stop and think about it, I’m fully unimpressed by what I see. With this is mind, I’ve decided to make another new year’s resolution: to make more resolutions throughout the entire year, not just January 1. And, I want to actually stick to them. I’m starting to realize that it shouldn’t just be around the holidays that we decide to change; society could use improvements all the time. I know I’m being a hypocrite by claiming to make such alterations, as there are sure to be times I fail, but it’s a start. If everyone took a step back once in awhile and legitimately considered something they could work on, who knows what changes we would see in the community.