Ear buds in school

Parker Fox, Editor-in-Chief

While casually walking from class to class it’s almost impossible not to see at least one kid, usually also with a hoody over his head, with one or both ear buds in.  It has become a sort of fashion statement.  For whatever reason, it has become part of the hip hop culture.  The bell is about to ring.  Zip up the backpack.  Put in the ear plugs.  Now we’re ready to go. 

                Oddly enough, this new movement does not require one to be listening to music.  The ear buds aren’t necessarily attached to an MP3 player, but instead just sitting in the kid’s pocket.  Typically the new look is one ear bud in, hoody half on, jacket half way zipped up, with the attitude that the world just does not understand illustrated by every word and movement. 

                “I used to be one of those kids that listened to music everywhere I went.  But now I realize how stupid it makes people look since the ear buds became a fashion statement,” said senior Christy Dunham.  “It just makes you look like you don’t care about anyone around you.”

                There has been a movement to stop the ear bud craze in school lately.  I recently witnessed Mr. Johnson confiscate a student’s ear buds, even though they were not attached to an electronic device.  The student refused and was forced to follow Mr. Johnson to the office, his punishment being unknown.

                Oddly enough, the student code of conduct says nothing about plastic objects being placed in one’s ears.  In that sense, ear buds should not be prohibited.  Nonetheless, the kids who wear them give off a vibe that suggests disrespect to authority and/or anti-establishment sentiment.  That’s not what the administrators are looking for.  Individualism is frowned upon in the public school system.  In this case, however, I must side with the administrators.  The ear bud movement is ridiculous and teaches kids that they do not have to associate with society.