Brooks Brothers–battling the bagginess

Brooks Brothers--battling the bagginess

This logo is not entirely for elitists.

Parker Fox, Editor-in-Chief

I’ll start by saying that there is no way to write this article without sounding like a spoiled East Lake kid that spends a lot of time on the golf course.  There is a 100% chance that this article will ruin your previously held notion that Parker Fox is a man of the people, similar to the effect that Mitt Romney’s involvement with Bane Capital had on the 2012 Election.  Yes, today was particularly difficult because I missed a few short putts and couldn’t seem to hit it tight with the wedge.  That being said, I was properly outfitted in the Brooks Brothers St. Andrews Collection, because as Deion Sanders once stated, “When you look good, you feel good.  When you feel good, you play good.  When you play good, it pay good.”

                To set the record straight, wearing Brooks Brothers does not necessarily indicate wealth, because there are plenty of ways to find the Golden Fleece for less, including online sales and outlet malls.  Commonly worn by the 65 plus crowd, Brooks Brothers has made a recent expansion to the halls of East Lake High School.  For this I take full credit.  After listening to “Bro, why is there a pig on your shirt?” and “HAHA Parker is wearing knockoff Polo” for most of my high school career, things have certainly changed.  The Golden Fleece has been sported by multiple students attempting to make a fashion statement this year.  Again, it’s not about trying to look wealthy or superior; it’s about trying to look clean and crisp, the way people tried to look before hip hop culture infiltrated our great suburban neighborhood.  People spend just as much money to wear baggy skate brands that use drug/alcohol/sex appeal to market their brand, and so it’s not fair to dismiss wearers as elitists who look down on the way others dress because that’s only the case about 95% of the time.  Brooks Brothers makes classic, conservative clothes that are designed with that timeless American look in mind, and for enjoying their products no one should have to apologize.